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Agricultural & Crop Consulting in MO


Our Mission

“Our goal is to provide high quality and reliable information based on 20 years of Agronomic Experience. We provide a balanced, educated and experienced consulting experience to keep you in a position to production while balancing a profitable approach. Our team is here for you and all of your Agronomic needs.”

Who We Are

Cropwise Consulting LLC is a full service crop consulting company focused on agronomy & conservation, based in Maryville, Missouri. We strive to give you the best products and services to meet your agriculture needs. We provide a wide variety of agricultural and crop consulting services, and will work with you to make sure that you have the right combination to make your crops healthy, resilient, and growing to their full potential.

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Soil Sampling – Soil Nitrate Sampling

Let Cropwise take care of soil sampling in your fields so that you can take corrective action to maximize your fertilizer inputs. 976768_380383638745470_482269142_o

Crop Scouting

Crop Wise, performs crop monitoring in the Nodaway County region. Crop monitoring, or integrated pest and disease management (IPDM) is an essential part of precision farming. 11750679_793879867395843_8143169677103112317_n


• Ag-Chemical Recommendations • Seed Variety Recommendations • Crop Budgeting


At Cropwise, our team of Crop Advisors has over 25 years of experience consulting producers and privately owned cooperatives. We have the unique advantage of having a both higher education and worldwide experiences necessary to be a valued resource. As a full-service crop consulting company in Missouri, we offer a wide variety of consulting services to help you get the highest yields and most profit. Partnering with a local company gives you the advantage of getting specialized services for your local environment. Our 25 years of field experience has made us experts in the field.
  • We are experts in plants, soils, pests and how to improve crop performance for our clients.
  • We have the education, plus experience dedicated to crop performance.
  • We research and put into practice solutions to reach better yields and profitability.
  • We keep up to date, research and organize new technologies and information for effective input solutions.


At Cropwise we take a dedicated and balanced approach to Crop Consulting. Nothing in agriculture is one size fits all, so we take the specific needs and desired outcomes for each client into consideration for a personalized experience. We pride ourselves in being efficient and precise. FARMER “Whether you have a large commercial operation or are a single family farm, hiring a crop consultant can help you dramatically increase your bottom line”. To reach better yields and profitability Effective input planning. We can help you get the most value of spend for the highest ROI. Monitor in-season issues in real time. Timely and knowledgable identification of insects, weeds, diseases and abiotic factors that can adversely affect yield. Unbiased recommendations for high-performace crop response and the greatest return on investment. To attain more efficient and effective farm management.

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